Textile Representations


In 1989 Massimo Camponogara founded the homonim office situated in Valdagno (Vicenza), which is one of the biggest historic textile centre in the world. After the first years in which the Atelier operated as Representation Agency in the North-east of Italy, it becomes specialized in Research of high quality Textile and it evolves into the partner of the major national and International Textile Manufacturers. Today the market recognizes to the “Studio Camponogara” three major qualities:
  • An important team of experts of textile products, which are profound specialists of the sector and constantly updated in the continuous evolutions of the Fashion world.
  • International network of well choosen Suppliers proved in Quality Services, Timing and Costs.
  • A valuable, dynamic and motivated Sales team able to propose to the Customers an authentic resource in the development of Fashion business.


Our corporate philosophy has always led us to fully feel part of what we can call the great and articulated "Fashion System", that is, a group of people and factories, ateliers and maison, runway shows and fairs, emporiums and shops, institutions and roles that allowed textile sector to live and, in a recent past, also to have prospered and today, after a frightening crisis, to continue to be present. A "system" where the main components are: the yarn manufacturer, the fabric designer, the weaver, the designer, the confectioner, the shopkeeper, the buyer... and among them the fabric representative, the link joining the Prototype to the product. The "Fashion System" is a chain of different skills: its strength, as its quality, is all in the character of each single ring. It is sufficient just a weak one and quality and strength will be no longer the same. Studio Camponogara works every day with passion to be a strong ring of the "Fashion System". An accurate work of relationships, exchanges, synergies with the various key characters of the System and a continuous product study are the basis of its winning work.


The Studio is headquartered in Valdagno, where it was born 28 years ago and has a showroom in Trissino (VI), for visioning the sample. It also has a brandnew website that facilitates contact and customer service. The Studio organizes exclusive events for the presentation of its own collections.