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The Dutch countryside plays host to a magnanimous landscape, allowing architecture firms to optimize and construct the perfect, functional abode for their clients. Despite this, strict zoning regulations often inhibit ambitious builders. While the foundation for Powerhouse Company’s latest home might have proven troublesome, the company has found significant success through its beautifully tailored exception to the rule, Villa 1.

Villa 1 was built entirely upon paradox — a home that straddles the line between a modernized living space and a rustic principle while retaining all of the characteristic qualities of an aging farm estate. To create the immaculate dwelling, Powerhouse was relegated to an archaic way of thinking. Strict zoning guidelines that outline a three-meter build height were found to inhibit the original design, so instead of going back to the drawing board, the company decided to invert the villa, building half of it underground. Atop rooms carved from soil and earth, the home’s glass facade and angular, Y-shaped traits give way to a central living area, utilizing three different wings that are privy to different purposes. Cooking and dining, study and music, and living and painting areas are isolated within their own areas of the home, giving Villa 1 a truly unique layout, no matter where residents reside.

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It’s beyond difficult to find an all-original pony car, thanks in large part to a number of variables that can make upkeep on a mid-century Mustang more of a headache than it’s worth. But every once in a while, an immaculately kept showpiece decides to show its face to the world — behold, the all-original 1968 Ford Shelby GT350 Fastback.

This critically acclaimed Acapulco Blue Mustang retains its original 302ci OHV V8 engine capable of nearly 306-horsepower. It features a nostalgic Saddle-colored interior that’s sure to coerce true Ford aficionados, helping them to recall the “golden years” of the famed auto manufacturer. Alongside an all-original interior, the car boasts the same 4-speed manual transmission gifted to it at birth, with a number of desirable extras ranging from an extra cooling package, visibility group, sport deck rear seats, and power front disc brakes, all the way to an interior decor group, heavy duty front and rear bumper guards, and power steering — a coveted addition, at the time. The classic car retains its original livery throughout the interior and exterior, and for around $80,000, you can pick it up from the upcoming Bonhams auction that’s slated to take place in the mecca of classic car shows: Scottsdale, Arizona.

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The lighthouse is a micro-building named aptly to reflect its lightweight prefabricated panels that are assembled with attention to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, the asymmetric windows and entryway of the small office space provide ample natural light in the daytime while projecting a warm and inviting glow after sundown. The unique structure rests on industrial casters made to support roll-off dumpsters, allowing for ample flexibility in the space this structure occupies. The designers of the Lighthouse ignored traditional building techniques and philosophies to create something totally new from the ground up — clearly seen from a door with no right angles to a skylight that marries age-old boatbuilding with details they borrowed from a car’s sunroof.

Los Angeles-based designers Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice hope to inspire similar structures into becoming “beacons for those searching for smaller sustainable buildings that embrace contemporary architectural design.”

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Doc Brown’s time-traveling DeLorean isn’t required with this blast from the past Airbnb home. Dipped in pastel colors and retro pop culture decor to ease your mind back into the ’80s, this abode in Dallas, Texas will make you say “Great Scott!”

Boasting a rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade (no quarters required) and a vintage Nintendo with a plethora of games, including Super Mario 3, Robocop, Tetris, and Batman, you’ll never want to leave this Airbnb. The decorations are spot-on, including Marty McFly’s hoverboard, a Lamborghini Countach poster, and a classic payphone where you’re encouraged to leave your mark. To top off the walk down memory lane, there’s a fresh cereal buffet complete with ’80s boxes that you can enjoy in a dining area reminiscent of The Max from Saved By The Bell. Reach out to superhosts Jeremy and Kelsey now to book a stay in the childhood home you always wanted.

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Sometimes we just need to be alone, clear our minds from all the static of the everyday grind and escape the world. What better place is there to experience that tranquility than your home? The yearning for that feeling of harmony is what led Vladislav Doronin, CEO of the OKO Group, an international real estate development firm, to work with the late Zaha Hadid to design his private residence.

The Capital Hill Residence, located in the Barvihka Forest near Moscow, looks like a peaceful escape for the likes of James Bond. Towering the trees surrounding it, this extraordinary home features Zaha’s signature organic intricacy, as well as a complexity of spatial arrangement that feels serene. The residence is divided into two sections: one merging with the hillside and the other rising above the treetops for spectacular views. Inside, there are entertainment spaces, as well as an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, sauna and hammam. This beautiful brainchild of Dame Zaha Hadid is the only private residence she designed that was actually completed.

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