The Irreverent incontra il sublime in questo cortometraggio animato che segue un cast automobilistico di tutto il mondo.
Eleganti classici inglesi mescolati con auto tedesche gonfiabili e metallo americano sminuzzato.
E-Type Jaguar
Porsche 911 carrera RS / Flamingo spec
68 Pontiac Bonneville
Porsche 911 carrera RS / Swan spec
Mercedes Pagoda
Mercedes transporter
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Citroen 2CV
Ford F-150
Porsche 911 carrera RS / Duck spec

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A short film exploring the beauty of New Zealand's South Island. A collaborative effort between Damien Blue, Bryan Mir, Christie Suchomel & Cody LaPlant. Shot on the Blackmagic 4.6k Mini Ursa, BMPCC 4k & DJI Mavic Pro 2.

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Simple 3D shapes dancing, listening and being wise to sleek unique tunes. All the while being full procedural and available in 4k.

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Kite pro rider Rodolphe MacKeene, explores North Shore Peru with his friend Antho Meynier, for some remote surfkite, kickers and barrels. Among numerous spots and waves, they discover a great surfkite destination and even save dolphins !
Along with local team Wild Kite Peru and his boss Axel.
Filmed by Clement Puig .

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