Ireland, Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

No FX, just shooting with inks & paintings

"THE EMPIRE OF C" is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves.
The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil and soap liquid.
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Music by Velvet Coffee

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Oskar Enander non aveva intenzione di diventare un fotografo. Oggi, la prospettiva iconica e unica di Oskar è molto ricercata nel mondo dello sci. Eppure, scatta pochissimo fuori dall'inverno. Questo film gira dietro l'obiettivo nella città natale di Oskar, Engelberg, in Svizzera, per esplorare una vita in montagna e le influenze che danno forma a un fotografo di sci.

The lighthouse is a micro-building named aptly to reflect its lightweight prefabricated panels that are assembled with attention to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, the asymmetric windows and entryway of the small office space provide ample natural light in the daytime while projecting a warm and inviting glow after sundown. The unique structure rests on industrial casters made to support roll-off dumpsters, allowing for ample flexibility in the space this structure occupies. The designers of the Lighthouse ignored traditional building techniques and philosophies to create something totally new from the ground up — clearly seen from a door with no right angles to a skylight that marries age-old boatbuilding with details they borrowed from a car’s sunroof.

Los Angeles-based designers Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice hope to inspire similar structures into becoming “beacons for those searching for smaller sustainable buildings that embrace contemporary architectural design.”

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