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Studio Camponogara - Blog / World: Rapid Whale Mini Boat


Buying a boat can be a huge commitment, to say the least. There’s maintenance, slip fees, and depreciation to consider when making a purchase. So much, in fact, that it often seems that building your own is the more economical option. Enter, the Rapid Whale Mini Boat, a full-sized 6-foot electric boat made-to-order and shipped assembly-ready.

Each Mini Boat Kit comes equipped with laser-cut marine-grade plywood, 3D printer components, a steering wheel, sheeting-shift bearings, and various gaskets. Off-the-shelf components, such as the motor, engine, and batteries, are up to the buyer to purchase on their own. The Mini Boat also clocks a top speed of 4 mph, weights a modest 67lb, and features an interior bulkhead design to help keep you afloat should any shenanigans result in you taking on water.

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