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How an Eames Lounge Chair is made - The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, officially titled Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671), were released in 1956 after years of development by designers Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company. Made of molded plywood and leather. The heritage of the chair goes back to the molded plywood chairs pioneered by the Eames' in the 1940s. Charles Eames said his goal for the chair was that it be "a special refuge from the strains of modern living." Watch how the Eames Lounge Chair is made.

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Virgil Abloh is creative director of Off-White and consultant to Kanye West. Take a tour of his studio, where graphic tees and wedding dresses are part of the same outfit.

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Buying a boat can be a huge commitment, to say the least. There’s maintenance, slip fees, and depreciation to consider when making a purchase. So much, in fact, that it often seems that building your own is the more economical option. Enter, the Rapid Whale Mini Boat, a full-sized 6-foot electric boat made-to-order and shipped assembly-ready.

Each Mini Boat Kit comes equipped with laser-cut marine-grade plywood, 3D printer components, a steering wheel, sheeting-shift bearings, and various gaskets. Off-the-shelf components, such as the motor, engine, and batteries, are up to the buyer to purchase on their own. The Mini Boat also clocks a top speed of 4 mph, weights a modest 67lb, and features an interior bulkhead design to help keep you afloat should any shenanigans result in you taking on water.

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