Leave it to the Northern Europenas to make an electric boat of such icy, neuter design, like a steerable iceberg. Not to undersell the attractiveness of its look; the Q30 Electric yacht is certainly a marvel of elegance and simplicity, crafted by Q Yachts. Like the big white birds that fill Lake Geneva, the beautiful and all-electric Q30 Electric Yacht glides gently on the water’s surface like a swan.

The Q30 is powered by an electric propulsion system called Ocean Volt, which produces a smooth and powerful ride from a 20kW motor and 30kWh battery. With a hull hydrodynamically optimized for a comfortable ride, it’s almost impossible to get sea-sick on this smooth sailor. With zero emissions, and a noise-free propulsion system, the Q30 is a perfectly placid ride. Plus, the electric vessel has zero-emissions. A capacious cabin under the deck provides a perfect place to unwind (maybe eat some cheese and chocolate, and a nice glass of wine).

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New York has been home for popular music genres like jazz, rock, blues and it is the birthplace of hip hop. Wandering through the streets of the of the city is like listening to never-ending little concerts of all kindes of music.
Tune in New York is a collection of different sounds and music from the streets of New York.

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

Audio & video mix by LeeDM101 (2011)

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A documentary series about the different methods of working various types of crafts in the state of Michoacan. From the vision of each artisan we get to know the process of their craft and the tradition behind each piece, as well as the origin of the raw material they use to develop their work.

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