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While certainly not the best equipped off-road vehicle, the Volkswagen Bus still managed to be one of the original hubs of adventure vehicle culture. And for those of us who appreciate and pine after that lifestyle, it and all of its iterations will always hold a special place in our hearts. So, it’s pretty cool when we see one coming up for auction with a neat story, like this 1959 Deluxe 23-Window variety.

Hitting the block courtesy of Mecum, this classic van was actually found forgotten out in the woods of Oregon. Granted a second chance, it has benefitted from a complete restoration – including a rebuilt front beam and independent suspension, a new fabric sunroof assembly, four-corner drum brakes, and a factory-original red and white paintjob. Since the restoration, this Alpine-ready cruiser has driven just 200 miles. So if you’re an adventure-minded roamer who isn’t in a hurry to get anywhere in particular – so long as the journey is good – pony up the estimated $165,000-$180,000 and this beaut could be yours.

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