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"The impetus for "WORLD WAY: The City of LAX" was born in 2013 as I sat on a rooftop in El Segundo, waiting for a shoot to begin and looking out over LA. The incoming planes looked like a highway, evenly spaced and spread across multiple lanes. This led my eye to the end of their path - LAX. I realized I had a fully unobstructed view of the airport, and immediately started capturing timelapses of it. I became fascinated with the many layers of movement that were visible - planes taking off and landing, planes taxiing, ground support equipment moving on the ramp and throughout the airport, passenger vehicles on World Way, passengers on foot outside and inside the airport - all moving at their own unique pace. It made me realize that LAX is a city unto itself, with so many moving pieces and individual people all doing their part to keep it moving. Despite its struggles, it is a logistical and modern marvel. I wanted to show it in a way it had never been seen."
Chris Pritchard

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It’s hard for a home to stand out among Norway’s scenic wildlands, but one Oslo-based architecture firm has found success where many others have failed. The Mountaintop Cottage by Arkitektvaerelset is a thought-provoking cabin built within the constraints of the country’s strict housing guidelines — and amidst such a challenging opponent, the dwelling has emerged more beautiful than ever.

The cottage is located some 1,125-meters above sea level, adorning a secluded mountaintop that faces staunch weather and violent winds, causing designs and materials to be confined within a set of unrelenting regulations. While Arkitektvaerelset had a daunting project set before them, the talented architects created the serene structure with a beautiful wood facade, adorned by a 22-27 degree slanted ore pine roof. A mesmerizing collection of angular lines and proportionate panels mark the exterior of the home’s porch area, while panoramic divider windows dress the space in warm, natural light. The dwelling can accommodate up to 12 people, with an additional “attic” area that can house up to eight more — all thanks to a master bedroom, bathroom, and sauna that transition seamlessly between a space for rest and a guest sleeping area.

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In the wild and mountainous regions of western Mongolia lives a small group of Kazakh nomads who keep a millenary tradition alive. They are hunters who, helped by eagles, catch various types of prey, including foxes, wolves and hares. Here the hunt is not a squalid "sport" for leisure, but a source of livelihood.

By now there are only a few, around 300, and almost all are men, known as "burkitshi", except for a dozen women, including Zamanbol, whom the photographer Leo Thomas met in the Altai region here to immortalize this guardian people of ancient traditions, on the borders of civilization.

Nomads, they live mainly on sheep-farming, only a few remain and do not need comfort. Just the essentials. Even when winter temperatures reach 40 degrees below zero.

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30 years ago the Berlin Wall fell and, with it, the COMMUNIST OPPRESSION of East Germany.

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